Encouraging Employees to Give Back

It’s important to note that a company’s community is its most vital asset. Aside from being able to attract and retain talent, a community is also the reason why businesses exist. Therefore, it’s important that socially conscious companies give back to the communities that have supported them through their rough times.

One of the most effective ways to show social responsibility is by participating in community service programs. This allows employees to give back to the communities they live in. It also strengthens the company’s ties with the local community.

Stay Mission-Focused

A survey conducted by the Gallup organization revealed that over 80% of people consider an organization’s mission as a significant factor when it comes to donating. This suggests that people are more likely to give to causes that are related to their values.

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Factors Influencing Inflation

Americans are still hearing about the country’s inflation problems, and they’re seeing it reflected in both news reports and gas prices.

Although the consumer price index has risen to its highest level in over 40 years, it’s still unclear what’s causing this inflation and when it will end. Many people believe that the pandemic has put a significant strain on the country’s economy, but it’s not clear exactly how the dollar’s value has been affected.

Besides the average person, inflation also affects other people. Economists often agree that certain factors contribute to the rising prices, but they disagree on which ones are most responsible.

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Ways Commercial Real Estate Protects Against Inflation

While there are many ways to hedge against inflation, one of the most popular is investing in commercial real estate. Inflation is a significant factor that affects property prices, including rents. As a result, it can be beneficial to invest in commercial properties. Inflation does not affect all sectors of the economy equally, but it generally works well for those already experiencing price increases.


The primary way that commercial real estate protects against inflation is by increasing the value of its assets. Inflation is a factor that can harm some investors. For example, bonds and shares can fluctuate dramatically overnight due to macroeconomic factors. However, property values generally increase as the cost of production increases. Hence, commercial real estate is a safe bet for investors, especially those with limited funds. Inflation can be fought by investing in existing real estate assets.

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Secrets Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

You’ve heard the stories. The agent was “unable” to show homes in a particular neighborhood because of pending sales. The one who recommended making an offer after only three hours on the market then later told you that it was impossible not to sell to anyone interested that quickly. It’s enough to make you want to become your own real estate agent! While many buyers still insist on doing their research, there are some things your agent knows about buying or selling property that can help fetch top dollar and cut through red tape, even when you might not fully understand why they do certain things.

The following are secrets your real estate agent won’t tell you:

1) There Is Less Risk in Buying a Home Right Now

With the stock market and economy doing poorly, it’s not the best time to put your money anywhere but in real estate. Yes, you can make 10% with little to no effort if you buy the right property at the right price. You’ll also have something more valuable than paper profits: equity! And unless you are planning on holding onto that property for only two years, avoiding capital gains tax by living in your new home for half of that time is simply icing on the cake. The longer you stay, the better it gets!

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How Are Philanthropy and Business Connected?

Philanthropy is the charitable desire to promote the welfare of others through activities such as donations of money or volunteering time. Every company’s biggest goal is to make money, but having social responsibility and a vision that surpasses the goal of turning a profit presents the company with a cross-purpose and can help motivate employees’ work. Investing in the local community is vital since it gives the company a strong foundation and can help build rapport with potential customers.

Involving your company in a more worthy pursuit of good inspires the employees, customers, and even shareholders. The inspiration brings about passion among employees and managers that drive creativity and innovation that result in business growth. Consumers want companies to help take care of environmental, communal, and governmental affairs.

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